Vicious Circle

Rooster Teeth Games first IP game
Role: Social Media & Community intern

“Vicious Circle” is the first IP of Rooster Teeth Games. As the Social Media and Community Management intern, I received firsthand experience for monitoring and tracking external clients’ (players) reception, feedback, and excitement. I also helped build its Discord community through active engagement and presence within the server.

During the internship, I oversaw distribution of work to volunteer Discord moderators and liaised between the community members, moderators, and company staff. I also generated graphics and composed concise promotional copy for social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. Additionally, I planned and organized the Rooster Teeth Game department’s community meet-up event details from fliers to coordinating with a local restaurant to host 50-plus attendees.

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Community Engagement

Using Discord and Steam, I built community engagement by playing video games with players in the Rooster Teeth community and encouraged them to get excited about Vicious Circle by talking about recent announcements. I also created graphics and copy for social media posts to advertise upcoming events within the Discord server.

Feedback Tracking

When the Beta launched, we had many members provide feedback about their experience with Vicious Circle within the Discord server. To ensure the developers knew about this player feedback, we worked with Rooster Teeth staff to point players to feedback forms to share their views and report bugs.

Media Monitoring

To ensure that the game started out with its best foot forward before launch, I monitored online media platforms for any and all articles about Vicious Circle and Rooster Teeth Games. I tracked whether articles had negative, positive, or neutral reviews and determined if the author was someone to reach out to as the launch date grew near.

Organized Volunteer Moderators

When I first began the internship, I was immediately given the task of distributing work to the team of 15 volunteer Discord moderators. I organized the server’s community calendar, created graphics for the server to use, coordinated which moderator was running what, and generated documents for team meeting notes and discussions with problematic members.

Tools Used


Created channels and roles, organized channels and roles, learned how to use pre-made bots to track data

Adobe Creative Suite

Used InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create promotional graphics for social media posts

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