Do you have what it takes to be a space courier?

Join The Astro Parcel Service!

The Astro Parcel Service has just welcomed a new recruit and, as one of our contracted laborers, you are required to deliver packages by any means necessary, even when facing potentially deadly obstacles. Use the standardized space propulsion device we have kindly provided to supply as many deliveries as quickly as possible to meet our top four clients’ demands. If you fail you will be extermi–we mean, terminated from your current position.

As you find yourself out on the job, keep in mind the sorts of obstacles you might encounter during your scheduled work day. Be sure to protect the package by any means necessary (even if it’s with your life as stated in your contract) from meteors, orbiting rocks, black holes, astrobursts and the occasional cosmic squid.

Deliver Packages

Complete your mission by delivering packages to waiting customers. Customers can order three different types of packages and are somewhat impatient with waiting. So grab your packages and move quickly to earn your paycheck and your keep.

Avoid Obstacles

If only delivering packages was that easy. There are plenty of obstacles blocking your path to your customers’ homes. Avoid the obstacles as best you can or use them to your advantage to get the job done.

Survive Management

If being a space delivery courier wasn’t hard enough, management’s daily demands makes it even harder. Have fun as you fly around in space out there, remember management’s motto: “Our employees are expendable. Our high quality customer service is not.”

The Astro Parcel Service

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