Ara Fell Animation Trailer

A student-run “fan” animation trailer Role: Project Manager

While I produced and published multiple broadcast journalism videos while working for The Paper of Wabash County, the Ara Fell Animation trailer was the first project wherein I donned the project manager title. This trailer was nearly all student-run with only one faculty assisting with its production. With the permission of the Ara Fell game developers, the trailer was produced with the intention of being a promotional trailer for the game.

The original production timeline was one school year, from August 2018 through May 2019, but due to some difficulties with software and crew, the project was extended into the 2019-2020 school year. By May 2019, the team managed to create a pre-trailer to promote the final trailer’s arrival the following school year, but due to quarantine, the entire production was cancelled before entering its final development stage.

As project manager, I was tasked with outlining the entire production’s tasks, determining teams per task, ensuring everyone met deadlines, and monitoring the team members to ensure that they were maintaining healthy work-life balances.


Production Timeline Creation

Worked with the production leads to determine the various tasks and requirements for completing the project to create Gantt charts, task breakdowns, and budgets.

Monitoring Members’ Work-Life Balances

Due to technology issues, there were several nights where student animators never left the “office” (the school’s media lab) to meet the project’s deadlines. During those times, I remained with them and brought snacks, beverages, and tons of appreciation for their hard work to encourage them to persevere. Following those long nights, I encouraged the student animators take a few days off from the animation in attempt to prevent burnout.

Task Delegation and Tracking

Using the production timeline, generated broad tasks for each team to tackle. I then discussed the broad tasks with the creative director and team members to determine what the tasks’ sub-tasks were to complete overall goals for the project.

Tools Used

Google Sheets

Created Gantt charts, asset lists and details, shot list scripts, and team lists

Hack N’ Plan

Similar to Trello and Jira, Hack N’ Plan allowed me to track tasks per sprint and advise team members what tasks they were meant to work on each week.

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