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Shoot for the stars in this 2.5D space-physics, action game! Play as the friendly robot Zip as he tries to meet customer demands, deliver packages, and stave off his manager’s anger. Check out Vixen’s Ludum’s first indie game title today!

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Discover the Vixen’s Ludum

Vixen’s Ludum began as a student video game project led by Emma “Vox” Rausch. As the project and the team grew, Vixen’s Ludum became an independent game developer focused on making a game that was both fun and allowed each member of the design team shine in their own special way.

The team, comprised of 16 talented designers, launched their first title, “The Astro Parcel Service” in April 2020.

Producer Kaleb Eberhart works on a section The Astro Parcel Service’s code to fix a reported bug.
Level Designer Eliot Westcott maps out various level design ideas on a whiteboard table.
Concept Artist Gaby Benninghoff, Animator Beth Lula, Game Writer Madeleine Lovell and Producer Emma Rausch pose for a photo for International Women’s Day 2020.

Vixen’s Ludum

An independent game developer based out of Bloomington, Indiana.

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